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12th annual Tustin Lacrosse Camps!!! 
sponsored By:

Lacrosse Academy OC and City of Tustin Parks and Recreation.

All registration at Parks and Rec 714-573-3326. phone register or walk in's

June 20-22, July 11-13, & Aug 8-10*

Lacrosse Summer Camps

The following camps are designed by Coach Jon Fox – Director of the Lacrosse Academy OC. www.LacrosseAcademyOC.com  Head Coach of Foothill HS, Hewes lacrosse club, & Tustin Tigers Youth program.  Camps are run by Lacrosse Academy staff members, including current College and High School players & coaches.  If you need to rent a stick $10, please email us 2 weeks before start of camp at: as we have limited supply.


Introduction to Lacrosse - Boys and Girls~$99.00

3 classes

This camp is for beginning and intermediate players entering grades 3rd to 8th. It is designed to teach proper mechanics of the game. Solid stick work and footwork will be covered. This session only uses a lacrosse stick. You will be a better player after these camps, guaranteed! Topics covered: footwork, scooping, cradling, passing, rules, catching, dodging, and shooting. US Lacrosse membership required.


33337~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Jun 20-Jun 22~8-14

33338~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Jul 11-Jul 13~8-14

33339~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Aug 8-Aug 10~8-14


Shooting Camp~$99.00

3 classes

Designed for boys and girls in 5th through 9th grade with at least one season of lacrosse experience, this camp will develop shooters and teach players to score. Learn technique and form for shooting on the run, time and room, quick stick on the run, shot placement, 8-meter penalty shooting, how to score from behind the goal, and how and when to fake. Equipment required: boys - gloves, helmet, and stick; girls - goggles and stick.


33340~Tue-Thu~3:30-5:00pm~Jun 20-Jun 22~10-15

33341~Tue-Thu~3:30-5:00pm~Jul 11-Jul 13~10-15

33342~Tue-Thu~3:30-5:00pm~Aug 8-Aug 10~10-15


Boys and Girls Advanced Fundamentals~$99.00

3 classes

This camp is designed to teach positional play and game situations. Players will learn how to make good decisions on the field. Topics covered include: advanced stick work drills, faking and shooting, fast break offense and defense, offensive sets, proper stick and body checking, lacrosse communication terminology, and much more. Players will be grouped by age and skill. Players need complete equipment for this camp. US Lacrosse membership required.


33334~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Jun 20-Jun 22~9-14

33335~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Jul 11-Jul 13~9-14

33336~Tue-Thu~8:30am-12:00pm~Aug 8-Aug 10~9-14